Tex Hill - AVG goes into Action (part 4)

P40E 3

After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Thailand surrendered. Chennault feared that the AVG position in Toungoo was too precarious so he ordered the 3rd Squadron to Mingaladon in Rangoon to support the British, while the 1st and 2nd Squadron was to pull back to Kunming, China.

Home of the AVG in Kunming, China (USAF)







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Tex Hill - With the AVG in Burma (part 3)

Hill 4

While Tex was with Ed Rector and Bert Christman in Norfolk Virginia, they bumped into their squadron commander and were introduced to a Navy Commander Irvine. Irvine was a recruiter for Claire Chennault, secretly authorized to gather US military pilots and ground crews for the American Volunteer Group. After a discussion about the current state of affairs in China and the Japanese strangle hold on the entire Chinese coast, Irvine indicated that an overland route between Burma and China was the only lifeline left to the Chinese. Irvine explained that he was authorized by President Roosevelt to recruit pilots to help the Chinese. All three men indicated they were interested and Irvine said he would be back in touch.

Tex Hill at Kyedaw Airfield, Toungoo In 1941, notice that the shark motif has not been painted on the P-40s yet. (Flying Tigers Association)


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P-40B AVG - 3rd in series Tex Hil - Monogram


Classic Monogram P-40B kit in the Flying Tiger's 2nd Squadron Leader "Tex" Hill's #48 markings. This is a 3rd in a series of articles regarding Tex Hill and his aircraft. Appeared in issue of Scaled Aircraft Modeling International

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Grumman F3F2 - Accurate Miniatures

f3f box

My first Accurate Miniature kit. Not a easy build, but great details. Include photo etched riggings and parts, and decals to recreate any of 81 F3F-2 that was in service with the US marines or Navy. Fantastic kit.

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Tex Hill - War Patrol (part 2)

SB2U 1Vindicator colour 6After Tex Hill served aboard the Saratoga for about a year, he was transferred as part of an experiment to test the theory that a lead bomber with a bombsight can signal its squadron following to drop its bombs. If It worked, it would have eliminated the need for bombsights for the rest of the squadron. Tex was transferred to the East Coast aboard the USS Ranger (CV-4). Along with his class mates Ed Rector and Bert Christman, Tex was assigned to Bombing Squadron Four (VB-4). Later, VB-4 was split into two scouting squadrons—VS-41 and VS-42, all three friends were assigned to VS-41.

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