Western Museum of Flight

western museumofflight


Western Museum of Flight is located in Torrance, CA, about 45 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles (the infamous LA traffic permitting of course). ┬áIt’s a small museum in located at the Zamperini Air Field – named after Louis Zamperini, Olympic track and field athelete, B-24 Bombadier, and eventually Japanese POW. His POW story was told in the movie Unbreakable. Despite the small size, it has some very unique piece not to be missed. Among them, the YF-23 prototype (competitor to F-22) – only 1 of 2 in the world, a British Sea Harrier, and an open cockpit F-5E. Unlike some other open cockipits which are rare in itself now days, this one has everything intact. Not to be missed.

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