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His Excellency: George Washington

ellis washington

The current preeminent historian of the American revolution and it’s immediate aftermath, Josef J. Ellis, gives us a insightful book on George Washington. 

One may wonder what more can one write about George Washington, given his idolized status in American history.  As with his previous books on the people and events of this period in American history, turns out there are new insights to be had, and at the minimum, it hasn’t been so well written.  Coming in the heels of his best selling, award winning, Founding Brothers, Mr Ellis traces the life of Washington as young solider, to his rise as the commander of the American revolutionary army, president of the United States, and finally national hero.  Using primary sources and great analysis, we gain insight to Washington as a man and his awareness how his own fame can lead to a cult like following that must be prevented.  Washington the man wished to look good for history but also wanted to make sure he set an example for the generations to come – an example of how to lead, but at the same time rightfully constrainted by rules he help to create.

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