Grex 1/8 HP Airbrush Compressor (AC-1810A)

You have an airbrush? You need a compressor – using canned air is ok to learn on, but they get expensive real fast.  So invest in a good compressor – but the question will be which one and what is your budget.  This GREX compressor makes a great first compressor with a relatively cheap asking price of $199 MSRP.


Now you can get some very nice and almost totally silent compressors, like SilentAire brand, but we are talking about $500 – $2000.  Frankly, for modeling, it’s overkill unless you have lots of disposable income, you are a pro and you use your airbrush 4 days out of the week.  For the typical modeler who may fire up their airbrush for an hour or two every days, this compressor is quiet and comes with a moisture trap – which would cause you another $15 or so otherwise..  The regulator is easy to change and easy to read.  Even comes with a handle to lug it around.  The Grex trademark green color – well, that’s up to your taste whether you think it looks good or not.  But if you go all in with Grex, you can get their matching green hose and airbrush.  I’m just going to paste the link to their website if you want to see the detailed specs

There are 2 key items I want to point out.  First the compressor is not constantly on, it only comes on to keep the pressure constant.  It doesn’t really have a holding tank, so even without using the brush, it may come out every few minutes for a few seconds to keep the pressure up.  When you are spraying, it will obviously come on to keep the pressure up.  Note that it’s rated at 55db, How loud is that?  here’s db chart

So at 55db, it’s quieter than ‘normal speech’.  In practice, it means you can hear it, but it’s not loud at all – and if someone wanted to ask you something, you can still hear them without any shouting.  Now you can buy cheaper ‘offbrand” compressors, the biggest I have problem with those is the loud noise level. The compressor has a brush holder built in, I don’t use it, but it’s nice to have.  It has suction cup feet to help keep it from ‘dancing’ when on. Even not engaged, there is reallly minimial movement – unless some older compressors I’ve had.  Been using this for over 7 years now, never had a problem.  Highly recommended.

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