Dawn of flight - WW1

Roland CII


yak1 box


Had this kit for a while, as it came out in 2002.  After my ‘rigging phase’, took a break and it was daunting to go back to rigging biplanes again.  This the the profipack version, so came with a choice of decals and PE, some of which is of questionable use, especially there is limited view into the cockpit.

Speaking of cockpit, it is well represented, but the rear observer area is greatly simplified.  The framing between this area and the pilot is actually open framework, but its represented as a solid piece here.  An odd choice as it’s otherwise well detailed.



So after a coat of Tamiya buff and some brown oil paint, started to drill out the solid panels.  I’ve opted to only do the top areas as they can be easily seen, the rest was just too much work for the payback.

I also opted to fashion a tank behind the pilot seat now that it can be seen, but probably was a wasted effort.

The rest of the cockpit went together as per instructions with PE replacements used and some careful painting.


The engine block is detailed, but the rear needs to be cut down to fit everything.  There are details back there that I left off as they just got in the way and couldn’t be seen once it’s closed up.

Closed up, I used Vallejo gray primer, as the overal finish would have been a light blue, so my usual black primer would have been too dark.

A coat of light blue, pledge future, and the decals were applied. Followed by a light oil wash, it was time to do the rigging using ez-line. Had a much tougher time than I last rememebered.

The top wing was then attached and some general weathering was done with black oil paint.



The rear rigging was old fashion stretched sprue, it was just easier to get a stiff look with that angle.

The wood prop is my go-to technique of Tamiya buff as base, then brown oil paint with a flat brush to create the lamination, then Tamiya clear orange to finish.


Some closeup shots of the machine guns with the PE barrels and magazines.  Looks very detailed but very, very fiddly to put together.


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