New Map view of museums/events

Added a map view of the military and history museums I've visited with photos, so you can easily see what is in a certain area.  Look at the Museum section.

Every Man a Hero

Every Man a Hero: A Memoir of D-Day, the First Wave at Omaha Beach, and a World at War

This is the recollection of Ray Lambert as written by Jim deFelice.  Mr Lambert, 98 years old at the writing of this book in 2019,  grew up during the US depression era. a son of a farmer.  Volunteered for the army when the US mobilized in 1940 and became a medic for the US Army 1st Division - the "Big Red One".  The books starts of with a short introduction to his youth, what it was like being poor living growing up in a farm during that time period, and eventually joining the Army.  After training, we follow Mr Lambert to North Africa, then Sicily, and eventually to Normandy on D-Day - 3 years he served until his back was broken on the beaches of France.

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Silly Putty - camo masking tool

Yes, Silly Putty, that lump of clay like thing that you played with as a kid. Turns out it's a great tool for doing masking, especially for camo. I have heard a few times that people complained about it leaving a residual, but I have never experienced it. Of course, I use only acrylic paint, so perhaps it's a reaction with enamal paint?   I have left it on for days with no issue - just make sure you let the first coat of paint fully try first. Here's a picture of me using it for Tamiya's JSDF main battle tank over Tamiya acrylic paint. 

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Frank Losonsky, original member of The Flying Tigers, has passed away


Last known member of the AVG aka Flying Tigers passed away, the end of the legendary group of men who fought for freedom 79 years ago in Burma and China.  He was a crew chief and later joined the CNAC after the AVG was disbanded.  He eventually became a commercial pilot and an aeronautical engineer.