Airbrush holders and spliter.

airbrush cleaner 

So where do you store your airbrush? I have two, do I have to swap between the two? Where do you put your brush during a painting session? I use an integrated cleaning pot and holder like the one on the left.

 The POT type holder has a screw top that you can open to clean insde.  The idea is that you can spary your excess paint and cleaning fluid into the POT, minimizing any excess vapor. There is a exhaust port with replaceable filter in the cap. The great thing is that, it’s heavy with a pair of chrome feet to keep the jar in place when you put your airbrush down between spraying.  Iwata makes one, but I got a generic one from TCP Global for about 30% less.

airbrush cleaner3waysplitter

What if you have 2 airbrushes that you like to use, it’s a pain to swap them out.  I keep both available buy using one fo these clamp type holder that can hold up to 4 airbrushes,  I use the top 2 exclusively as they hold the brushes very securely with the hose coming down between the 2 hooks. To remove the need to change hoses to the air supply, I also use a 3 way splitter from TCP Global – now my airbrushes are always ready to go.


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