World War 2

P39 – Old Crow

p1000224 This is Eduard’s reboxing of the Accurate Miniature P39 – with decals for WW2 triple ace Clarence “Bud” Anderson’s first ‘Old Crow’.  Done right out of the box.

Nothing much to add for this build, OOB build.  The base is Eduard’s Perforated steel plate base, cut out to a more interesting shape.  The wheels were drilled and fitted with steel pins that was inserted into matching holes in the base.  Just some painting, weathering powder and staining creates a unqiue base.

eduard steelplates


The plane itself was painted with Tamiya acrylics, my preferred acrylic airbrushing paint. Overall Tamiya white primer from a spray can was applied, then a little black preshading, and Olive Green was sprayed over.  Decals came from the box, and everything was coated with Microsol flat.

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