A little about this Website and Myself

First, thanks for visiting my site. This site was started in the late 1990’s so I can have a record of and share my interest in scale modeling and history. In the years since, it has undergone many changes and additions.  I’ve added photo from IPMS contests, museums across the world, and the book reviews.  Technology wise, it has been revamped several times – both in terms of design and technology.  What started out as state of the art HTML pages back then to running on a Content Management System with responsive design (please excuse the techie diversion, but that’s what i do in my day job), and now bending to the wordpress tidal wave – on wordpress.  I’m sure the site will continue to grow in content, but the core will comprise of Scaled modeling in my favorite scale of 1:48 and military history.  I am sure that as for other avid modelers, the two areas fuel each other and is complimentary.

As for myself, I work as an executive in the software field – having a background in financial areas, system architecture, and programming in several languages and systems.  I have a master’s in computer science and have worked in hardware interfacing, commercial software, line of business, trading system, payments, and web technologies. Like many modelers, I loved the hobby as a kid, but with college, real life took over. After getting married, it was my wife who brought me my first kit as an adult. She also gave me my first airbrush – a realization of a childhood dream.  From those small steps I eventually had opportunities to get published in Modelling magazines in the US and in the UK.  I was able to meet many new friends and build models for veterans, all due to a wonderful supportive wife.

As part of the sharing, please feel free to leave comments throughout the site, I’m also on the Finescale Modeling Forum as waikong, and finally you can always email me.  wai<at>waihobbies.wkhc.net – replace <at> with @, sorry just trying to foil spam email crawlers.

Peace and make sure you ventilate.

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