World War II

Sharks over China: The 23rd Fighter Group in World War II – Carl Molesworth


After the famed “Flying TIgers” aka American Volunteers Group was disbanded by the US Army Air Force, they were replaced by the 23rd FIghter Group.

Many former members of the AVG transitioned to the new 23rd FG, while many did not – but that’s another story. Mr Molesworth has done much extensive research into the air war over China, an often negiected area in WWII studies. While personal correspondence and interviews are interspersed through the book, the book’s structure is basically a day by day recounting of the missions. In terms of narrative, that is the biggest shortcomings of the book, those descriptions often become dry and repetitive. If you are looking for a fantastic reference book on the 23rd FIghter Group, this is it. If on the other hand you are looking for an interesting read, this may be tough going for all but those with intense interest in the China Air War during WWII – like I am.


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