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Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa Manchukuo

This is the first finemolds kit I have ever built, came to together very nicely.  Well detailed and I’ve always been fascinated with the Imperial Japanese puppet state of Manchoukuo, with the former Chinese emperor as president and attracted young Japanese idealists.


The kit was built ALMOST OOB, and as usual started with the cockpit.  A mixture of silver and Tamiya green was used to represent the Atoke color.  The kit provided decal sheet for the panel. 

The ALMOST part of the OOB was adding some plumbing to the engine.

The kit is actually quite simple and went together well, minimum filler and filing was required.

Now came the painting with NMF, using my current favorite acrylics and masking panels to get different sheens.

The decals went on with no issues, requiring some decal solvent on the wings.  A wash with oil paint for the panel lines, and general ‘dirt’ was added with Tamiya pastel weathering kit and misc weathering powders.  Adding up to a used but not abused aircraft.

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