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Bell X-1


Eduard’s Bell X-1 ‘Mach Buster’ profi-kit



I had wanted to build this plane for a long time, just for it’s historical importance.  F or 1/48, the Eduard kit is really the only choice and it’s a decent one, despite being one of their earlier kits where the details are still a bit rough. The kit includes some PE and the resin wheels, but honestly once you close up the cockpit, you can’t see too much details. Otherwise, it’s a kit with a low part count and a easy build.


As per usual, lets start with the cockpit, as stated previously simple cockpit dressed up with PE after the standard cockpit green and an oil wash.

Of course, couldn’t build OOB, so decided that we need to add some wiring behind the instrument panel, as that will definitely be easily seen (well, maybe).  Since this uses a tricycle landing gear, it needs weight up front to prevent tail sitting. I got some liquid gravity that I’ve been wanting to try out – definitely good stuff, pours out almost like a liquid with its small metail balls, some thin CA glue and you are set.


Couldn’t leave the cockpit alone, so added a few more items and some wiring based on referenced photos.  After that, it was time to close up the office and prime.

The rest of the kit comes together with no drama as there are very few parts. The usual gloss coat, decals, and a satin coat finishes the model.  A fairly quick and easy build.

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