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modelsgeneralWelcome to a total refresh of my website.  It’s been an on going project for a few years now, not that it was that much effort. Between real life and yet another item to add, the site seems never finished.  At some point, we’ll just have to call it done.  So here it is, updated with stuff that’s been happening for the last years.  Some changes are:

The look and feel of the site has been completely revamped, it’s currently running on Content Management System with a mobile responsive UI (meaning you can see it on the phone easily).

  • Added book review section – as many of us modelers are as interested in history as in modeling
  • Tools sections – which has yet to be filled in
  • History section – articles that accomplied my modeling articles that had been published and usually edited down.  I’ve included them here with the original content.  I’ve also added 2 more articles in my series of Text Hill and the aircrafts he flew, part 1 appearing in Scaled Aircraft Modeling.  So it’s now a total of 10 articles (5 history – 5 aircraft) that covers his life from entering the US Navy until the end of WW2.  I still have a stearman to do to cover his life as a Naval cadet, then I will call it complete.
  • Comments – I’ve allowed comments on all the articles, please feel free to share your thoughts.
  • Finally, I’m hoping to update this site at a minimum of once every 2 to 4 weeks.  Let’s see if I can keept that pace up.

Thanks for stopping by.

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