Bastogne Museum

The Bastogne War Museum in the outskirts of Bastogne, Belgium – consists of 3 areas.  The main museums – which is a good history of the battle, but it has less period artifacts than some people wish for.  If you are very familiar with the battle, many of the display will not impart new information.  However, it’s definitely still worth a visit. 

The other areas is the WW2 memorial behind the museum, a great monument dedicated to the US forces.  The 3rd area is Bois Jacque, which is about 10 min drive from the Museum where the 101st Airborne fought the Germans during the battle.  If you watched Band of Brothers, one episode is devoted to this part of the battle.  The foxholes are still there and there’s a VR feature via your phone, this is definitely worth going to.  It used be open to anyone, but its now fenced off and is part of your museum entrance fee. 

link to their website – Bastogne War Museum – Le musée de la 2ème guerre mondiale

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