Glenn Curtis Museum

Located in New York State Hammonsport, Glenn Curtiss’ original shop hometown – its a bit out of the way.  If you are going to Toronto from NYS, or Syracuse or Rochester, it’s almost on the way.  Glenn Curtiss is of course one of the pioneers of early flight, creating many of the aircraft conventions that we still use to this day. 

So, first Hammonsport, small cute town if you like antiques or Bed and Breakfast type areas.  Other than that, it’s somewhat limited activities wise.  The Museum itself has a fine selection of motorcycles, as Curtiss was a motorcycle racer/manufacturer before he decided to fly and build airplanes.  Note of course, you will mostly find Curtiss built airplanes here.  They do have a section of the original failed Langley Launcher here – so a bit of a flight historical gem for those who like obscure but important artifacts of early flight.

link to their website – Glenn Curtiss Aviation Museum

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