sdkfz 222 in Nanjing 1937


yak1 box


I believe this is a rebox of ICM’s kit and I still have the commander version of this in my stash.  It comes with phototech for the top cover, a nice little kit.  This time around I decided to do something different, a vehichle that was purchased by the Nationalist Chinese in the mid 1930’s.  Assigned to their elite units, the particular car was part of the 48th Armored Reconnaissance Battalion fighting near Nanjing in 1937.  So a small vingette it is with some figure conversions.


Here’s 2 reference pictures, the first I believe is part of the 200th Division.  Hard to tell what dolor they should be and Germany hasn’t adopted the overall gray yet at this time, but I just went with a generic gray color.



The kit itself was built OOB, not much to say here. Just the finished article with some dirt and light weathering, and custom decals.


The next part is the two figures, there are simply no 1/48th sino-japanese Chinese soldiers around. I’m not exactly experienced in creating my own, so time for some kit bashing. The first one will be the commander, so in typical light blue uniform and german helmet of the elite units. He was built come a Hasegawa motorcycle kit and Tamiya’s German infantry kit.  The boots were thinned out to replicate leggings.


The next one is from an ICM Russian airforce officer with a Tamiya British style helmet.  The rest of his equipment were from Tamiya’s infantry kit.  This was to be a local ‘Big Sword’ militia, their uniform tends to be whatever was available, with leggings and cloth shoes.  Some just had sandles.  I did some surgery in the face to make him look more Asian, not really that successful.


The sword was made from spare PE and plastic parts

They were painted with Vallejo acrylics and home made decals were used for the collar ranks and chest unit identifications.


Next was the base, I use a MP productions wall section and the base was an old left over Eduard airplane plastic base that I overlaid with thin putty.

The sign was downloaded from the internet, “Little Golden Mouse” brand cigarettes with the typical ‘model’ of the day.

The sign on the street advertises Wonton Noodles and Beef Noodles, for some small eatery near by.

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