Sd.Anh.473 Luftwaffe Caravan



In keeping with accessories to complement Aircraft builders, is CMK’s resin kit of the Sd.Anh.473.  Basically, a field control center used by the luftwaffe during ww2 and by other Eastern European countries post ww2.

The instruction includes painting schemes for a number of these, including an interesting red/white checker board one.

So the first obvious point with this kit is that it’s all resin, so some experience with the material is needed.  Rule #1, wear a dust mask when sanding, resin dust is dangerous, and you will create a lot of dust when sanding. 

The body of the kit is basically a box, so just careful alignment is needed before applying glue.  You are using CA glue, so work time will be much less than styrene glue.   

I toyed with the idea of opening the door and scratch building a full interior, but this suppose to be a ‘simple’ quick build – so I just painted the interior black and added some maps and posters.  If you shine a light in and look REALLY hard, you can barely make it out. 

The axles broke when I took them out, way to fragile, so I replaced them with copper tubing

With that lesson learned, there’s no way I would not be snapping the roof rack and those small delicate handles. So for the handles, I replaced it with thin wires

Painting was fairly straight forward, gray with white band. Brown oil wash to used to bring out the details. You can also see the windows framing was added using plastic strips, the kit only provides clear sheet for the windows.

I then started to build the top rack using more plastic strips by drilling the top and inserting the square strips to form the vertical posts. Then the horizontal restraints were built with rods.

Finally small details were added, then it was just weathering with powders, oil paint, washes, and dry brushing. Some finished pictures and posing with my Protze truck.

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