National World War Two Museum


This museum started intially as the National D-Day Museum, but quickly grew to become the National WW2 Museum in New Orleans.


If you are in New Orleans, you will have to visit this museum. It’s not too far from the main tourist area, and can easily be accessed via bus or even a 30 minute walk.  Note that this museum is trying to present the history, the people, the events, and how this world changing event continues to shape our world today.  In doing so, it has great presentations, in depth analysis, and of course machines from the war – however, there are other museums out there with a larger and better collection of warsbirds or armored vehicles. What they do have is well restored and well represented – but just remember their message and rasion d’etre.  I will quote from there website

Ranked by TripAdvisor as the #1 Attraction in New Orleans, named by USA Today as the #1 Best Place to Learn U.S. Military History, and designated by Congress as America’s official museum about World War II, The National WWII Museum features a rich collection of artifacts that bring history to life.  Discover the most impactful event of the 20th century and the legacy of the greatest generation in thought-provoking exhibits …  this world-renowned history museum is designed to inspire visitors of all ages in the lessons of World War II and the stories of heroism, tragedy, and liberation.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some great examples here. Check out that B17 picture on top, great example of the stressed skin effect.  But as you will see in the pictures below, there are great presentation on the US home front, and it’s one of the few museums in the US to give equal time to the war in China Burma India and Pacifi events as compared to the European front.  Take a look at the picture that shows the number of deaths per country making great use of visuals to quickly get information out to the viewer.

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