Museum of American Armor

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The Museum of American Armor, located in Old Bethpage, Long Island, New York is a good size armor museum.  Probably the largest collection on the east coast now that the Army’s own armor museum has closed. The artifacts range from bicycles, to cars, to artillery, and of course soft-top and armored vehicles.

Museum of American Armor Apr 2017

The museum is well organized and has a very well done section with armor models – all very well built and finished.  If you are near by, that’s worth a visit by itself.  Periodically, they also feature an ‘ARMOR EXPERIENCE” where for a $100 donation (at time of this writing) you get to ride in an armor column (looks like a jeep or half track) along with light tanks, tank destryoers, reenactors going through ‘France’ in 1944.  Surprise encounter with Germans are guarenteed to generate a skirmish in the forest with you in the middle of the action.  Oh, and you get to wear ww2 uniform and helmets too.  Having been in one, but looks very interesing and the price is very resonable.  Museum highly recommended.

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