Dawn of flight - WW1

Fokker DR 1 – Dragon 1/48

 fokkerdr1 0-22
This is Dragon’s Knights of the Sky series.
The kits comes with a set of PE and decals for 4 different aircraft. Rigging material is supplied as stiff wires that I thought was a bit overscaled.
 DR1 cockpitDR1 engine
The interior has good detail, more than adequate for what can be seen after it’s closed up. The only addition was some wiring for rudder cables. The engine likewise was nicely detailed and only the bottom can been seen once the cowling is in place. Th kit does come with photoetched wiring harness.
  fokkerdr1 0-10fokkerdr1 0-13
The basic build is fairly straigth forward, just follow the directions. I used a light blue for the belly and under the wings. To Replicate the the streaky effect, I first gave a coat a coat of Olive Drab with some light green mixed together. German GrauGrun was used with a 0 brush to put the streaks in by hand.
The front was then masked so that I can give the rear a coat of light gray and the tail Pollyscale Reefer white. Instead of using decals, I masked and painted the red stripes in.
fokkerdr1 0-18fokkerdr1 0-21
Decals were then added along with the photoeteched machines guns. Finally I used the supplied wiring for the rigging. The wiring first had to be annealed so that then can be made straight again, they are a bit overscaled, but for the limited rigging and the straight paths required for this; kit, it was a simple solution. The final item was the wodden prop. I based coat the item with Tamiya buff, this was followed by streaky Burnet sienna oil paint witn a flat brush. I then created more streaks witha 0 brush dipped in thinner. After giving it a good day to dry, a final coat of gloss was put on.
fokkerdr1 0 25
fokkerdr1 0 26
fokkerdr1 0 35

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