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V-2 Rocket – Pegasus Models

v2 box

This is a snap together kit from Pegasus model which you can find for around $10 US.


Despite it being a snap together, it really is a good and fun little kit. The building process will take you maybe 1/2 hour, 1 at the most if you go really, really slow. The fun part will be in the painting and deciding on the scheme that you want. The kit does come with decals which are optional and keeping to the snap together theme, it also has ‘fun’ stickers like a skull, a cartoon bomb, or the word ‘BOOM’.

For reference, you can’t beat this site, everything you wanted to know and more about the V2 rocket. For the color scheme, the 3 most common are below, the Ragged scheme, the Batik, or the Black and white.

Here’s the kit build up, primed and initial coat of RAL 9001 Cream White – which I approximated with a mixture of Reefer white and light tan applied. I’ve decided to apply the ‘Ragged’ (Gezackt) 3 color scheme – version 2.

p1100313 p1100315

More masking in prepartion for the Green/Brown color, finally more masking for the Olive Green color

p1100317 p1100318 p1100319

Some light brown oil paint wash to bring out the rivets and the thing is done, no big time weathering here for obvious reasons.


I decided to add a little something to the firing table, a bit of plastic rod to for the leg supports and a left over bit for the rod support. Finally a brass rod for the cable support and a vinyl hose from my spare box for a cable. The table itself was sprayed with Tamiya desert yellow and weatherd with gray paint – as this wass reused for multiple firings. Tamiya weathering kit’s black was used to add a burned effect to the plate.

p1100436 p1100680

The model is done, great cheap modelling fun for a project you can actually finish in a week or a weekend.


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