WWII Ground Support Equipment


This ProModeller’s long out of production WW2 Ground support equipment for your aircraft

This is a quite simple kit and still available on ebay once in a while.  Has 6 pieces for English, German, and American aircraft. If you get a decent price, it will a much, much cheaper way to get these accessories than resin items that can be more expensive than the whole kit for just 1 item. Excuse the poor pictures, these were taken over 10 years ago with an old camera and no lighting.

airacc allGerman:

airacc Ger 1 airacc Ger 2


airacc uk 1


For the American pieces, the Navy tow is definitely the highlight, you can add some plumbing and use tissue to add a cushion to really jazz up this little item.

airacc us 1 airacc us 2

airacc us 4 airacc us 5




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