Post WW2 - Korean War - Colonial Wars

F-84G Thunderjet – Revell Monogram Promodeler

 f84 box
A great model and good value for the money if you dont mind the rather old molding and raise panel lines

This was one of my early models when first getting back into the hobby, before acquiring an airbrush. My 3rd attempt at natural metal finish came out much better after botching up the P51 mustang, this was Testors rattle can metalizer paint . The promodeler set came with lots of photo etched details, including a boarding ladder that I didn’t build. Decals were available for a TAC (Tactical Air Command) escort fighter version or a F-84G-16RE flown by Colonel Carles Jordon, commander of the 58th Fighter squadron in Korea, 1952. I decided to build the later version mainly because of the colorful markings.  The decal for the female figure though is composed for very large color dots that are easily discernable by eye up close.

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