Tex Hill - War Patrol (part 2)

SB2U 1Vindicator colour 6After Tex Hill served aboard the Saratoga for about a year, he was transferred as part of an experiment to test the theory that a lead bomber with a bombsight can signal its squadron following to drop its bombs. If It worked, it would have eliminated the need for bombsights for the rest of the squadron. Tex was transferred to the East Coast aboard the USS Ranger (CV-4). Along with his class mates Ed Rector and Bert Christman, Tex was assigned to Bombing Squadron Four (VB-4). Later, VB-4 was split into two scouting squadrons—VS-41 and VS-42, all three friends were assigned to VS-41.

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SB2U Vindicator - Accurate Miniatures

V 14

Accurate Miniatures Vindicator in Yellow wing prewar markings. This was built as part of a Tex Hill series in Scaled Aviation Modeller and published in Feb 2011.

Repainted to Tex Hill aircraft 2010




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TBD Devastator - Tex Hill: Revell Monogram

Revell TBD

Revell (Monogram) kit of the TBD Devastator. First in a series of articles dedicated to "Tex" Hill of the American Volunteer Group - featured in the Oct Issues of Scaled Aircraft Modeller International.

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