Tex Hill - Ichi-Go and Jet Age (Part 6)

p59 historical 1April, 1944. Tex Hill has been back in China now for 6 months, leading the 23rd Fighter Squadron. As part of the 14th Air Force, he help carry out Gen. Chennault’s air campaign against Japanese supply lines. While constantly lacking in material and manpower, the 14th Air Force was having a major impact on the Japanese ability to move materials overland in China and along the Chinese coast. The Japanese empire had also suffered a series of defeats in the Pacific, putting them on a strategic defensive.

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Tex Hill - 23rd Fighter Squadron (part 5)

P51B historical 2After the entry of the US into war, plans were made to disband the AVG and incorporate them into the Army Air Force. Since the AVG were technically civilians, the USAAF attempted to use strong arm tatics to force the men to join the USAAF voluntarily. This went off badly and resulted in most of the men leaving to return to the United States or joining up with the CNAC to fly supplies in C-47s from India to China. A handful choose to remain in China, only five pilots choose to stay and Tex Hill was among them he was personally asked to do so by Chennault.

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Arthur Chin - Chinese American Ace

chin 0In the early morning of August 3rd, 1938, over 70 Japanese A5M fighters escorting 18 Mitsubishi G3M Bombers (type 96) of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) were detected to be in route to Wuhan, China. The Japanese and Chinese had been fighting an undeclared war since July of 1937 when Japanese Army forces invaded North China. By July of 1938, China had lost much territory in the North, its great port of Shanghai, and its capital, Nanjing (Nanking). Instead of suing for peace as the Japanese military was hoping, the Chinese government under Generalissimo Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-Shek) moved the capital to Wuhan – the 2nd largest Chinese city at the time. The IJN had been bombing Wuhan since Feb of that year and as the Chinese Air Force defended its new capital, the largest air battles in China were being fought over her skies.

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P39 - Old Crow

p1000224 This is Eduard's reboxing of the Accurate Miniature P39 - with decals for WW2 triple ace Clarence "Bud" Anderson's first 'Old Crow'.  Done right out of the box.  






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Western Museum of Flight

western museumofflight



Western Museum of Flight is located in Torrance, CA, about 45 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles (the infamous LA traffic permitting of course).  It's a small museum in located at the Zamperini Air Field - named after Louis Zamperini, Olympic track and field athelete, B-24 Bombadier, and eventually Japanese POW. His POW story was told in the movie Unbreakable. Despite the small size, it has some very unique piece not to be missed. Among them, the YF-23 prototype (competitor to F-22) - only 1 of 2 in the world, a British Sea Harrier, and an open cockpit F-5E. Unlike some other open cockipits which are rare in itself now days, this one has everything intact. Not to be missed.


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