Singapore Air Force Museum

If you are in Singapore, here is a relatively small and off the beaten path museum.  Singapore isn't so big, so taking a cab here from the central area will take about 30 minutes - and Singapore cabs are cheap.  

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Forgotten Ally - China's World War II

For whatever reason, a good popular general history of the Sino-Japanese war has never been written in English.  If you have read any large scale work that covers the entity of WW2, the Chinese theatre consist entirely of the Japanese invasion of Shanghai which eventually leads to the 'Rape of Nanking' in 1937, then absolutely happened in China beyond The American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers) for 7 years, until perhaps a 2 page description of Operation Ichi-Go in 1944. 
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The first World War

John Keegan, noted British Military Historian, turns his considerable skills to World War I.  Both a political and a military history of the war, a war whose casulaties were later dwarfed by WW2. However that is partly due to the larger scope of the WW2 and to the vastly larger number of civilian deaths in Russia, China, and Europe. 'Total War' is indeed an apt description. 

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Philadelphia Art Museum - Arms and Armor

This is one of larger Art museums in the east coast, while not as comprehensive as say the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, still worth a visit if you are in the area.

philadelphia Art

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Grex 1/8 HP Airbrush Compressor (AC-1810A)

You have an airbrush? You need a compressor - using canned air is ok to learn on, but they get expensive real fast.  So invest in a good compressor - but the question will be which one and what is your budget.  This GREX compressor makes a great first compressor with a relatively cheap asking price of $199 MSRP.

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mccullough 1776







David McCullough’s histories are perennial best sellers for a reason, his writing skills and the abilty to bring history 'to life' has been proven over and over.  Oh, did I mention he has won two pulitzers and two National Book Awards

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JGSDF Type 10 Main Battle Tank


 Tamiya's JGSDF Type 10 Tank - one of the still rare kits of modern armor in 1/48th scale if you discount full resin models.  As of writing, there are already three kits featuring the JGSDF, which makes sense considering Tamiya's home market.

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Airbrush holders and spliter.

airbrush cleaner 

So where do you store your airbrush? I have two, do I have to swap between the two? Where do you put your brush during a painting session? I use an integrated cleaning pot and holder like the one on the left.

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Museum of the American Revolution

museum american revolution

This museum opened in Philadelphia April 2017 and my visit was a year later in 2018.  If you have an interest in the American revolution - and not just the military aspects - this is a good place to visit.


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His Excellency: George Washington

ellis washington

The current preeminent historian of the American revolution and it's immediate aftermath, Josef J. Ellis, gives us a insightful book on George Washington. 

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