mccullough 1776







David McCullough’s histories are perennial best sellers for a reason, his writing skills and the abilty to bring history 'to life' has been proven over and over.  Oh, did I mention he has won two pulitzers and two National Book Awards

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JGSDF Type 10 Main Battle Tank


 Tamiya's JGSDF Type 10 Tank - one of the still rare kits of modern armor in 1/48th scale if you discount full resin models.  As of writing, there are already three kits featuring the JGSDF, which makes sense considering Tamiya's home market.

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Airbrush holders and spliter.

airbrush cleaner 

So where do you store your airbrush? I have two, do I have to swap between the two? Where do you put your brush during a painting session? I use an integrated cleaning pot and holder like the one on the left.

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Museum of the American Revolution

museum american revolution

This museum opened in Philadelphia April 2017 and my visit was a year later in 2018.  If you have an interest in the American revolution - and not just the military aspects - this is a good place to visit.


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His Excellency: George Washington

ellis washington

The current preeminent historian of the American revolution and it's immediate aftermath, Josef J. Ellis, gives us a insightful book on George Washington. 

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Cordless Paint Mixer



Sometimes having a simple tool for the job just makes life easier - and so is the case for an electric cordless paint mixer. 

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National World War Two Museum



This museum started intially as the National D-Day Museum, but quickly grew to become the National WW2 Museum in New Orleans.


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Mr. Gatling's Terrible Marvel

mrgatlings terriblemarvel

The Gatling gun, was the start of a revolution in warfare where it became a 'force mulitiplier' to use a modern military term.  The fire power available to a small team was revolutionary, and this book talks about the period, the inventor, and some historical perspectives. 

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BA-64 Soviet Armor Car


This is Tamiya's BA-64 Soviet Armored Car in a vingette, as I try my hand at more involved ground work and figure painting.  Here we have a solider who just made some editorial comment to a German War Poster ("Victory") with red paint, and giving directions to the next destination.

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