Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation - Joseph J. Ellis

foundingbrothers Joseph Ellis, is one of the foremost scholars on the American Revolutionary period, and in this book, he chooses to examine the lives of several 'brothers' and the events that were taking place during the American Revolution and the decades immediately afterwards.

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Gloster Gladiator Mk I - Roden


gladiator boxThis is Part 2 of an article regarding Chinese American Ace Arthur Chin. Part 1 includes a history of Arthur and his Hawk. This build uses the Roden Gladiator Mk.1 that was flown by Chin during the Sino Japenese War Featured in Scale Aircraft Modeling.

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J-7E AA Models 1:48


Here's an unusual one, J-7EB, a Mig-21 derived fighter used by the Chinese airforce (PLAAF). This version is equavalent to the J-7MG version for export, but is specialized for their "August 1st" flying demonstration team. Since this model came out, the team have updated to a much more attractive White/Blue scheme.

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Planes of Fame - Chino


planesoffame 2005 44

Located at Chino, California - a 45 minute drive from San Diego.  Planes of Fame contains both static aircraft and ones restored to flying conditions. Every month there's a airshow. There's also a huge model display, unfortunately they are stored in a building that's in a deteriorated state, at least when I visited in 2005. They have finished renovating the museum, perhaps this has changed by now.

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Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War - Mark Bowden

The year was 1993, Somalia was in the midst of a civil war with warlords fighting for their corner. The violence and turmoil caused famine within the country, this in turn prompted the United States to send in the its military. 

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Shanghai Girl Gets All Dressed Up - Beverley Jackson

Okay, perhaps a bit off the usual path. This is a picture book of female fashion of Shanghai in the 1930's. The books is packed with both color and black white period photos of Shanghai. Included are not just many pictures of the qi pao (pinyin) or 'cheongsam' (from Cantonese pronunciation), but also advertising, and movie posters. 1930's Shanghai was a unique mix of Chinese and Western culture, and this books does an admirable job documenting one aspect of the cultural history during this unique point in Chinese history. If you want to get a sense of life among the well off and middle class living in China at the time, this is a good visual guide.