Grumman F3F2 - Accurate Miniatures

f3f box

My first Accurate Miniature kit. Not a easy build, but great details. Include photo etched riggings and parts, and decals to recreate any of 81 F3F-2 that was in service with the US marines or Navy. Fantastic kit.

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SB2U Vindicator - Accurate Miniatures

V 14

Accurate Miniatures Vindicator in Yellow wing prewar markings. This was built as part of a Tex Hill series in Scaled Aviation Modeller and published in Feb 2011.

Repainted to Tex Hill aircraft 2010




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TBD Devastator - Tex Hill: Revell Monogram

Revell TBD

Revell (Monogram) kit of the TBD Devastator. First in a series of articles dedicated to "Tex" Hill of the American Volunteer Group - featured in the Oct Issues of Scaled Aircraft Modeller International.

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Mitsibushi A5M4K "Claude" - Classic Airframes


This one took a while, as its my first 'limited run' kit with lots of resin details. Its the A5M2K, the trainer version of the Japanese fighter that preceded its famous offspring, the A6M2 Zeke - more popularly known as the Zero in the West. Code named "Claude", it saw extensive action in China before the the outbreak of war with the US.
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Dauntless SBD - Accurate Miniatures

Dauntless SBD

This is Accurate Miniature SBD-1 Dauntless, the 2nd kit I built of this now defunct maker. At the time, it was state of the art and can easily still hold its own against the latest kits over a decade later.

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