World War II

ICM P-51B -  5th in the "Tex" Hill Series

This is ICM's P-51B in my continuing series on Tex Hill's aircrafts.

Amtech P-40E -  4th in the "Tex" Hill Series

This is the Amtech P-40E, "Tex" Hill special Limited Edition. This is a reboxing of their P-40E kit with decals for 3 of the AVG P-40E's that participated in their raid on the Salween River Ridge in Burma. The successful raid help stopped he Japanese advance into China. The kit also includes a Tex Hill signed print, a signed and number print of the raid by the artist, and a second set of fuselage that corrects a molding error on the first set.

Italeri's Fiat Cr.42 LW Falco
This was actually part of the SuperModel double kit - the Falco and the AB40 armor car.

Completed 6/2012
Eduard bf110C Instrument Panel in 1/4 scale
Originally included in the bf110 'Royal Class' boxing of the bf110c,  Eduard released the panel as a separate kit later on.

Completed 2011
Monogram P-40B AVG - 3rd in series Tex Hil
Classic Monogram P-40B kit in the Flying Tiger's 2nd Squadron Leader "Tex" Hill's #48 markings. This is a 3rd in a series of articles regarding Tex Hill and his aircraft. Appeared in issue of Scaled Aircraft Modeling International

Completed 2011
Arii P-40E in the Philippines

An old Out of Production kit from Arii picked up from a model show, done up in an interesting scheme.

Completed Sept 2010
Pegasus Models V-2 Rocket

This is a snap together kit from Pegasus model which you can find for around $10 US.

Completed Aug 2010
A6m5 2008 release - Tamiya

Tamiya release a beautiful new kit of the A6m5, I compare it to the old kit and build it in a captured scheme.

Completed Jan 2009
Fieseler Fi 103 - Tamiya

The Fieseler Fi 103 - better known as the V1 Buzz Bomb, was the worlds first operational cruise missile.

Completed July 2007

Hawk II - Classic Airframes

The export version of the US naval Curtiss XF11-C with a Wright R-1820F3 Cyclone engine. Finished in the colors of the Chinese air force 28th Pursuit Squadron, 1937.

Completed July 2008

Gloster Gladiator Mk I - Roden

Roden's Gladiator, built in colors of the Chinese Air Force in 1938.

Completed May 2008

Messerschimt bf-110E - Eduard

Eduard's 2007 release. This was built as a review for Scaled Aircraft Modeller.

Completed Dec 2007

Horton Ho229A - Dragon

This is the Dragon kit of the Horton Brother's 229 Flying wing. This is a Luft 46 project, as the actual plane were still unfinished in the factory when the Allies over ran the factories. The sole remaining example is displayed (unrestored) at the Udvar Hazy Center in Washington DC. Look at the Museum page if you want to see a picture of the airframe.

Completed Nov 2006 

Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden Kai - Hasegawa 1:48

The Shiden Kai entered service late in the war and was considered one of the best Japanese fighter designs. This is another OOP 'skeleton', which was used as the basis of a cutaway model.

Nakajima Ki27 Type 96 Nate - Hasegawa

This is the Nakajima Ki-27 which first saw service in China and was the main opponent for the Flying Tigers before the US entered the war. In this kit, the markings are that of the Japanese puppet state, "ManchuKuo", which was known as Manchuria in the west before the Japanese conquest.

Hawk 75 (Curtiss P-36 "Mohawk) - Hobby Craft 1:48

The Hawk75 is the export version of Curitiss p-36, the precursor to the famous p-40 tomahawk of the "flying tigers". This one idone up in Chinese nationalist markings, Loiwing, China 1942.

 Zero A6M5 Zeke Hasegawa 1:48

Interesting 'see through' kit of the Japanese A6M5 'Zero'. Most of the outer covering in molded in clear plastic. It includes a detailed engine, cockpit, and interior photo-etched ribbing for the "skeleton" of the fuselage.

TA183 - AMTech 1:48

Here's a "Luftwaffe 46" what-if model from AMTech. Excellent fit, finish, and decal sheet. The plane was never built but was sucessfully wind tunnel tested and blue prints were drawn up. This data were later captured by the Russians and influenced the design of Mig-15 fighter.

Messerschmitt Me-163B-1 Komet - Testors 1:48

A little model from Testors that's consisted of less than a dozen parts! But then it only costs $5, cheap enough for me to attempt my first airbrushing work. Markings for 1st Gruppe, JG 400 Staffel (training), Merseberg, 1945.

Messerschm itt Bf-109G-6  - Hasegawa 1:48

Markings for 3rd Gruppe, JG3 Staffel, "Udet". An older Hasegawa kit with 4 different markings.

P-51D Mustang - Revell- Monogram 1:48

Big Beautiful Doll flown by Lt. Col. John Landers of the 84th Fighter Squadron with 14 victories. The D version of the Mustang has the famous bubble canopy. My first try at a natural metal finish using Testors Metalizers and using checkered pattern decals.

P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback - Revell- Monogram 1:48

Nicked named the "Jug", this P47D depicts Major Herschel "Herkey" Green's 317th Fighter Squadron's Thunderbolt in Italy,. He was credited with 18 victories. This is an older kit with raised panel lines, but decent cockpit and other details.