Revell/Monogram's P-40B - Part 3 of the Aircraft of Tex Hill series

P-40B SAMI Cover Page

Appears in the Sept 2011 Issue of Scaled Aircraft Modeling International

Accurate Miniatures F3F2 page have been revamped with new and better pictures - part of an ongoing effort to remove old low res pictures from when this site first went online years ago.


Dragon's Fokker DR 1 - Dragon's Knights of the Sky series

Schwimmwagen - this is the old Fuman/Frog Schwimmwagen kit in a little vingette.


Pictures from NJ IPMS annual Mosquitocon Show (20th year!) has been uploaded. You can see pictures from past years also on the Mosquitocon Page

Part 2 of the Tex Hill series, including updating the Vindicator painted as it looked when Tex Hill of the AVG flew it on the USS Saratoga.


Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome 

Pictures from a visit last summer to this interesting museum in Old Rhinebeck, NY.  Full of flying WWI era planes and replicas. You can take a ride in one of their biplanes, watch an airshow every weekend in the summer, and browse the museum.



 Bronco's Predator Drone - a fun a simple kit to put together

Oct 2010 issues of SAMI

TBD Devastator  (Revell Monogram ) Part 1 of 6 in the Aircraft ofTex Hill Series.



US P-40E in the Philippines - A member on Finescale Modeler's forum posted this picture and asked who wants to try building this airplane.  It's a P-40E captured by the Japanese in the Phillippines.  It consists of a bright orange 'hawk' head in the nose area. I happen to have an old Arii P-40E kit that I picked up from a model show for maybe $5, so what the heck - it'll be fun

Pegasus Models V-2 Rocket - This is Pegasus Model of the V2 rocket, a snap together kit you can get for around $10 US. Despite it being a snap together, it really is a good and fun little kit.



West Point Military Museum(64 images)
In New York State, near bear mountain, inside the United States Army Academy is a very nice military museum following the history of the US Army and armed conflict through history.


A new set of pictures of the Intrepid Air & Space Museum from 2009 after it was reopened in NYC.  This is in additional to the original set of pictures taken in 2006 before the ship was renovated.



A major series of articles describing Flying Tiger "Tex" Hill's aircraft from late 1930's to 1945 has been completed. The first part featuring his TBD Devastator will appear in Scaled Aviation Modeling International in the October Issue.

Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) routinely gives demonstrations throughout the country. While this is not a museum nor their largest show, these are images of the equipment on display on July 4, 2010 in New York City. You will see the V-22 Osprey, a very impressive machine, the Apache, and the CH-46 transport helicopter

Posted pictures from July 4th at American Air Power Museum is located in Farmingdale, Long Island next to the Farmingdale Airport. These pictures were taken on July 4th during the NY Airshow. Most of the aircraft at the airshow takes off and lands from this airport.



3/2010:  Posted, build of Tamiya's new A6m5. The model was featured in the Feb 2009 issue of Scaled Aircraft Modeler.

I've also updated the Hasegawas's Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden Kai page now that its been published in FSM.

2/2010:  A quick build of Tamiya's Fieseler Fi 103 "V1 Buzz Bomb kit".  

What's New Archive:

11/2009:  A new A6M5A kit from Tamiya is built up and featured in Feb 2009 issue of SAM - coming up next month. Finally, Part 1 of Chinese American Ace Arthur Chin is posted, this is his Hawk II

10/2009:  Part 2  of Chinese American Ace Arthur Chin is posted, this is his Gloster Gladiator

The NJ Aviation Hall of Fame Museum in Teterboro NJ hosts an annual expo with vintage cars and aircraft in flying condition. This year includes an A10 formation fly-by and a B-17. Pictures from the Teterboro Wings and Wheels Expo 2009

9/2009: For the AFV enthusiasts, 94 Pictures from the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Ordnance Museum. 

8/2009: 80 Pictures from the New England Air Museum in Connecticut posted

7/2009: Curtiss Hawk II and Gloster Gladiator of the Chinese Air Force as flew by Chinese American Capt. Arthur Chin, featured in the Nov 2008 issue of Scaled Aircraft Modelling - pages coming soon.

4/2009: Selected pictures from NJ IPMS annual Mosquitocon show

3/2009: The website face lift is almost done. Meanwhile, I've posted a way over due update.  So here's the new Accurate Miniature's Vindicator page, and 3 armor, the Kurogane, Sherman M4, and Italeri's Autoblinda 41


8/5/2008: The website face lift is still ongoing, but the Eduard's bf110E build page is now uploaded. This is an expanded version (more pictures) of the version that appeared in the Jan 2008 issue of Scaled Aircraft Modelling.

7/16/2008: The website is getting a facelift, so it will be a mixture of old and new for a bit. For those of you interested, I'm switching from Adobe Golive 6 to Microsoft Expression Web 2 as my tool for website creation. As such, I'm revamping the underlying technology by eliminating frames, tables, and layers as much as possible. Instead I'm switching over to CSS and templates. So please bear with me as I migrate the different sections thoughout the summer.

7/7/2008:  Horten Ho229A Flying Wing page is up. This model was featured in the Dec 2007 Issue of Scaled Aircraft Modeler

6/20/2008: Yes, still WAY behind in updating the website. However, I've actually finished an Eduard 110-E for and was published in the Jan issue of Scaled Aircraft Modeling (SAM). Likewise, the HO2209 was published in the Dec 2007 issue of SAM. I've since finished the Accurate Miniature Vindicator, Roden Gladiator, and am currently working on Classic Airframes Hawk II. They are all going to appear in article form for SAM. The Shindenkai aircraft is going to be in a future issue Finescale Modeler.

4/8/2008: Yes, I'm WAY behind in updating the website - been too busy building instead. But I do have one update, pictures from NJIPMS 2008 Mosquitocon show. Hey, I even won 3rd place for 1/48th Jets for the Ho 229 Flying Wing. I actually completed 5 models since the last update and had 2 of them featured in the UK magazine Scaled Aircraft Modeller - including the Ho 229. I will publish pictures soon.

4/11/2007: Hasegawas's Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden Kai 'Skeleton' edition built as a cutaway. The Dragon kit Horten Ho229A Flying Wing is also finished.

1/09/2007: Added photos from Dallas Frontiers of Flight Museum. Click Here

11/14/2006: Intrepid Air & Space Musuem (the weekend before it closed for a 2 yeaer long renovation) in NYC added - 76 images. Click Here

4/22/2006: Cavanuagh Museum of Flight in Dallas added - 156 images. Click Here

4/08/2006: Check out the new links on the left for Musuems - Planes of Fame, Udvar Hazy, Cradle of Aviation

12/01/2005: Finished Tamiya's 1/48 Stug III Ausf B, my return to Armor building after 25 years

9/21/05: Finished Nakajima Ki-27, code named "Nate" by the US, this one is in Manchukuo markings

7/11/05: The Amtech's P-40E - Tex Hill Special Edition is finished

2/12/05: The F-7Eb is finished and pages updated.

8/16/04: Added new build articles for Bf109 and A6M5 Clear edition

11/24/2003: Finally, FINALLY! updated the home Home Projects with something, not much but its a start. ,

9/28/2003: This one took a while, as its my first 'limited run' kit with lots of resin details. Its the A5M2K, the trainer version of the Japanese fighter that preceded its famous offspring, the A6M2 Zeke - more popularly known as the Zero in the West. Code named "Claude", it saw extensive action in China before the the outbreak of war with the US.

7/1/2003: Managed to finish another model within 2 months. This time its the Hawk75 . I've also created a July Calender from a Ta183 if you deem my model actually good enough to grace your computer screen for a whole month. Just click on the link and then right click to "set as background", make sure 'center' is picked instead of tile in your settings.

5/13/2003: Finished the Ta183 a WWII jet that was designed (plans and model wind tunnel testing) but never built when the war ended. Revamped the site completely (built with Adobe Golive now).

1/12/2003: Happy new year! Completed Testor's all metal F-18 Chippy Ho. Once again, I decided to build an all metal plane as a display for my office. While the metal kits don't have the crisps details of a plastic kit, they can still be detailed and build into a very presentable and 'busy-hands survivable' presentation.

11/12/2002:  Finished the Promodeler WWII ground equipment. Also finished a US WWII carrier deck base to pose some Navy & Marine planes on. So I added pictures to the Dauntless and F3F with the decking and some 'creative' background (color pictures from a book).

The WWII ground kit got my interest up in 1/48th armor to complement by 1/48th aircraft. Or more accurately, the lack of 1/48th armor. Seems only Zendefu from China are building any, and mainly modern tanks. Resin kits are also available but also quite expensive - $20-$35 for a jeep. Good kits from Bandai were available in the late 70's but has been discontinued and they command a hefty price as 'collector items' on Ebay. Turns on Frog/Fuman (French imported Chinese manufacturing) has taken over the Bandai molds and are reissuing them. Unfortunately, turns out they are discontinuing them too and very hard and expensive in the US. Luckily I located a small place (www.parabelum.co.uk) that had them in stock and on sale. Even with shipping, they were 1/2 the price of Ebay! Ah, the power of the Internet.

9/30/2002:  Finished the Accurate Miniature SBD-1 Dauntless

7/8/2002:  Finally got one picture of my reworked diecast toy  P-47

6/6/2002:  New plane on the workbench - see picture in progress for SBD-1 Dauntless

5/3/2002:  Hasegawa 'Skeleton' see-thru Zero A6M5 Zeke

2/13/2002: German Tiger diorama from the late 1970's!

2/5/2002: Added Guestbook feature and Links