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Wow, 18 months with no updates - honestly only built 3 models in all that time.  But almost done with the brand new website. Goal up by April 2016 for those who are actually still visiting this page :)  New site should have book reviews, comments sections, revamped everything, and mobile friendly.


Apologie for the lack of updates. Real life intruded with a new job. Also I am in the midst of a major change of the website. It will be reworked using Joomla CMS system, addition of book reviews, and other changes.

One exciting news for me is that I have a new article appearing the Aug issue of Finescale Modeler. About 2 years back I was fortunate enough to build a B-57 for a Vietnam veteran. Capt Larry Mason, winner of the Air Force Cross. You can see a period news piece about how he won that commendation.
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Had a chance to revisit the Cavanuagh Museum of Flight in Dec. They had quite a number of additions since my last visit 6 years ago. They have a M50 Super Sherman, in a flight musuem (?) and a few WWII reproductions.

Hightlight was in the restoration hanger - a P51 opened up with engine out, and the frame of a P-47.


If you visit Hawaii, everyone knows about visiting Pearl Harbor. But little known and still worth a visit, is a the small Hawaii Army Museum right in Waikiki, Honolulu. Small, but highly recommended.


Tamiya's Krupp Protz is the model for the month. Actually been finished with this kit for a while, but was planning to create a small vingette. Well, it's been a year and it hasn't happened, so for now, I called it finish. The kit is outfitted with Black Dog's fantastic resin set.


Select photos of NJ IPMS Mosquitocon 2013 - up before the show is even finished. Thanks to NJIMPS for another great show.


Part 5 of Tex Hill's aircraft series - his P51B - is posted This was never published in a magazine, but the work was done so I'll share it with everyone. Tex's story continues with him staying on in China as the leader of ther 23rd Fighter Squadron, flying the P-51B mustang. I've used ICM's kit to depict his 'BullFrog'.


Part 4 of my continuing series on Tex Hill's aircraft is posted. Part 3 was the P-40B as Tex arrived in Burma and was published in Scaled Aircraft Modeling International way back in 9/2011. I've completely revamped my original P-40E to continue the story.  For those of you who has been patiently waiting for the next entry, welcome.


Continuing with museums in Normandy, France. This is the Musée Mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie is located in the town of Bayeux


I was lucky enough to visit Normandy, France this summer. Took a load of pictures of Omaha beach, Utah, Ponite Du Huc, Bayeux, Langue sur Mer, ... all those names you recognize from D-Day books.  There's a lot to sort through, but I'll start off with the Army Museum in the city of Paris.


Second is the US Airborne Museum at St. Mere Eglise, Normandie, France. Located in the famous town of St. Mere Eglise. You know the one, where the US paratroopers landed during a fire and 2 men hung from the church tower for hours. The town is definitely a bit touristy, but is still a must see.



For this month, I finished the Italeri's Fiat Cr.42 LW Falco in Luftwaffe markings



Now of something a bit different, Eduard's 1/4 scale bf110c instrument panel.


It's that time of year again, NJ IPMS Mosquitocon 2012




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