Sherman M4


The Kit - the usual Tamiya layout with the metal bottom.

After market items.

Sponsons had to be covered with plastic as it's see through otherwise.

Scratched built interior details includes gun beech, jump seats, and radio using plastic and Aircraft PE items. The black gears at the bottom of the loader is actually landing wheels from an 1/200 Airliner kit.

The main building is done and the PE hedgerow device is installed

After a basecoat of khaki Green, silly putty was used for masking.


Tamiya Red brown, followed by gloss coat for decals and a wash.

Flattened again with Pollyscale flat followed with chipping on edges. Finally MIG powders were used to create dust, dirt, and collect dried mud in the hedgerow cutter.

Delicate details added with the Lion's roar PE for the Machine gun

Stowage, combination Tamiya, Verlinden, and home made ID flag with tissue paper covered with white glue.

The finished model