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SBD1 Dauntless
I had high expectations with Accurate Miniatures after the F3F-2 model and this Dauntless met everyone of them. Again the cockpit is wonderfully detailed. The instructment panel again consist of a clear panel with molded dial faces and decals are applied to the back of the panel after its been painted back. It creates a insructment under glass effect very effectively with a minimum of fuss.

The flow pan had wonderful molded details that can be brought to life with a simple wash. The seat I used photoetched belt buckles with home made belts using 'webbing' material. The rear gunner radio detail was picked out with silver and red paint and a 10/0 brush.

I then continued with a wash with the interior, again detailed is just great. I then decided to do a little surgery and opened up the rear gunner hatch with an x-acto blade. Added some evergreen strip styrene with drilled holes to add the details.
Once the main body and wings were put together, I use Alclad aluminum to finish off the plane after a coat of primer. This stuff is really tough, unlike the Metal master metalizer series. A wash all around the engraved details, especially in the under belly finished up the plane. I then added the wiring, bombs (painted blue for "practice bombs"), and landing gears.
I also have additonal photos , some with the plane posed infront some WWII carrier bac kdrops. You be the judge as to its effectiveness.