Predator Drone - Bronco Models 1:48

Here's Bronco's Predatro drone armed with Hellfire missles. A simple kit that makes a nice quick fun build

Completed Oct 2010

J-7E AA Models 1:48 (Full Build Review)

Here's an unusual one, J-7EB, a Mig-21 derived fighter used by the Chinese airforce (PLAAF). This version is equavalent to the J-7MG version for export, but is specialized for their "August 1st" flying demonstration team. Since this model came out, the team have updated to a much more attractive White/Blue scheme.


F18 Chippy Ho Testors 1:48 (Full Build Review)

This F18 Hornet kit is unique in that its a metal kit, only the armaments and wheels are plastic. While not as detailed and authentic compare to styrene model, it makes into a sturdy office display. The scheme of this particular aircraft is the CAC's bird "Chipp Ho" based on USS Independence.

F-5 Freedom Fighter Revell- Monogram 1:48

An F5E in the scheme of the Navy top gun school. Used as 'red' adversaries. Another classic Revell kit. (OLD BUILD - pictures)

F-18 Hornet - Blue Angels Revell- Monogram 1:48

The famous blue angels, depicted here as the flight leader #1 plane using the Revell kit. (OLD BUILD - pictures)

F-16 Falcon Revell- Monogram 1:48

The F16 in National Guard paint scheme. This plane is in the 114th TFTS, 142nd FG, Oregon Air National Guard. A second set of decals allows you to create the North Dakota Air National Guard with a flying eagle on the tail. A so-so model from Revell with minimal parts and a poorly detailed cockpit.  (OLD BUILD - pictures