KruppProtze (29 images)

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The main body under construction

Test fitting of the various blackdog resin and other misc resin ammo boxes
A coat of Tamiya white primer to tie everything together

Initial coat of Panzer grey and tamiya buff for the canvas

Start to fill in some of detail resin bits, and light coating of dust on the bottom frame

The various boxes are finished in wood colors and a deep brown oil wash was used to bring out the details.
A piece of hard wire were bent to create the canvas support.  You can also see an issue of the German
Propaganda magazine "Signal", downloaded from the web, reduced in size, and printed out.

The various extra bits, weater powder, and windshield are added to finish the kit.  And yes, after it's all finished it
was pointed out that the truck was driven on the 4 rear wheels, and the chains should have been all in the rear. Allways
happens, doesn't it?