These links to pictures of military museums I've visited with a  camera. I've tried to take pictures which would be useful to the modeler. With the exception of the Aberdeen proving grounds Ordnance museum, these are all aviation related but you will still find an occasional AFV or two. The number of images by no means indicate the amount of displays to see, but merely the amount of time I had to take pictures. Click on the logo to see the images.

US Airborne Museum at St. Mere Eglise, Normandie, France. Located in the famous town of St. Mere Eglise. You know the one, where the US paratroopers landed during a fire and 2 men hung from the church tower for hours. The town is definitely a bit touristy, but is still a must see.


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American Air Power Museum is located in Farmingdale, Long Island next to the Farmingdale Airport. These pictures were taken on July 4th during the NY Airshow. Most of the aircraft at the airshow takes off and lands from this airport.

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Musée Mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie is located in the town of Bayeux, in Normandie, France.  One of the many tribute museums related to D-Day in the area. Worth a visit, especially if you are staying in town as the central point of your Normandie visit. The British war cementary is right near by, a easy 5 minute walk.  Unforunately, they don't have a website, so here's the contact information:

Musée Mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie
Boulevard Fabian Ware
14400 Bayeux

Tel: 02 31 51 46 90.

(2006 visit -168 images)

Cavanuagh Flight Museum is located at Addison, Texas - just outside Dallas This museum is unique in that almost all the planes are restored to flying condition. A few planes are in the open and not roped off, allowing you to get a close up view.

Museum updated on 2013 (2013 visit)

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In Long Island, New York. The museum features both space and aircraft exhibits relating to the Long Island air & space industry.

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Dallas Frontiers of Flight is located in Love Field, Dallas. Its a smaller museum but has some very well kept aircraft on display and often have feature speakers.

In Honolulu, right smack the middle of Waikiki - within walking distance of many of the hotels. It's not a big musuem, you can finish it in an hours or so, two if you want to read everything. Don't forget to visit the 2nd floor with the moving stories of Medal honorees who are native to Hawaii. Well worth a quick visit.


Intrepid Air & Space is located in NY City west side. The Intrepid Aircraft Carrier was  closed for a multi-year renovation in 2006.

This set of pictures were taken the weekend of the closing in 2007

This second set of pictures were taken after the reopening in 2009


Musee Invalides - Paris 2012

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The Invalides is a museum complex located inside the city of Paris. Housed next to Napolean's tomb, the facility is still a functioning museum for injured soliders. Inside is the a few museum dominated by the Army Museum. The WW1 - WW2 museum is quite good, but the real jewel is for the Napoleanic wars. If  you are into that period, this is a must see, I only took a few pictures of those exhibits as they are all behind glass and diffcult to captures. But there are literally, hundreds of uniforms and arms. A must see - almost all signage is in French.

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Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) routinely gives demonstrations throughout the country. While this is not a museum nor their largest show, these are images of the equipment on display on July 4, 2010 in New York City. You will see the V-22 Osprey, a very impressive machine, the Apache, and the CH-46 transport helicopter.

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The National Museum of the Marine Corps is located near Quantico, about 35 minutes south of Washington DC. Opened in 2006, it honors the people how has served and is serving the United States. Besides a history of the service told through artifacts, uniforms, and exhibits, the museum contains a good collection of aircraft and a smaller collection of armored vehicles. The center piece however in my opinion are the life size dioramas with sound effects that you literally walk through. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the Washington DC Area.

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New England Air Museum is located in Bradley International Airport Windsor Locks, Connecticut.  Has a great collection of military and civilian aircraft, a dedicated section for the Tuskagee Airmen, the 57th bomber group in Asia, and the Flying Tigers. These pictures are from 2009.

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Interesting museum in Old Rhinebeck, NY.  Full of flying WWI era planes and replicas. You can take a ride in one of their biplanes, watch an airshow every weekend in the summer, and browse the museum.

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Located at Chino, California - a 45 minute drive from San Diego. Planes of Fame contains both static aircraft and ones restored to flying conditions. Every month there's a airshow. There's also a huge model display, unfortunately they are stored in a building that's in a deteriorated state, at least when I visited in 2005. They were starting to renovate different parts of the museum, perhaps this has changed by now.

Udvar Hazy (117 images)

This is Washington DC's new addition to the Smithsonian Institute's Air & Space Museum, its a huge place and a must see. There are some very rare aircrafts being displayed here.>


Aberdeen Proving Grounds 2009 (94 images)

In Maryland inside the Aberdeen Proving Grounds US army base, great collection of armor.

Teterboro Wings and Wheels Expo 2009 (47 images)

Teterboro Wings and Wheels Expo is a annual event sponsored by the Teterboro Aviation Hall of Fame Museum. It has both flying aircraft on display and classic cars, 2009 featured an A-10 formation fly-by by the local air national guard. The musuem itself if quite small but worth a visit if you are close by or coming for the expo.

West Point Military Museum(64 images)

In New York State, near bear mountain, inside the United States Army Academy is a very nice military museum following the history of the US Army and armed conflict through history.